What do we mean by "Canadian Experience"?

The meaning of 'Canadian experience' is not well understood by both immigrants and employers. Is Canadian experience the real problem or is it merely a euphemism for underlying practices of discrimination and exclusion? In other words, is the problem the immigrant or the system? There are numerous employment programs focused on helping newcomers fill gaps in knowledge or gain skills to prepare themselves for the Canadian job market. Yet the income gap between racialized and non‐racialized workers continues to grow. Do we need better programs or better policies? Or maybe both? Read More

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OHRC launches the new Policy on removing Canadian experience barrier

BCEP Team was happy to be part of the process! Read Op-Ed on the Ontario Human Rights Commission's new policy on removing Canadian experience barrier by Izumi Sakamoto (our project lead) "Tearing down the ‘Canadian experience’ roadblock" on Toronto Star. Read more

[News Release] Ontario’s Chief Commissioner shifts the debate to human rights

For many immigrants, “Canadian experience” is the biggest barrier to finding employment, no matter what their employment history outside of Canada. And while traditional thinking has always approached the problem from the perspective of human resources, a growing movement suggests that it must be thought of in terms of human rights. Read the full press release

Beyond "Canadian Experience" Conference Proceedings

The Beyond “Canadian Experience” project team hosted their first conference titled, Beyond “Canadian Experience”: Mobilizing Diverse Talent for Corporate and Community Success. Watch videos of the presentations, hear participant voices, and read more about the conference.

Watch our Reader's Theatre Performance

On October 14 2011, the Canadian Experience project team, led by Professor Izumi Sakamoto, performed findings from Professor Sakamoto’s arts-informed research project titled, Re-examining the Canadian Experience and Acculturation: The Missing Context of Canada's High Skilled Immigrants. Read more