Immigrant internships as promising practice Anne Lamont, President & CEO, Career Edge Organization

Anne Lamont, President and CEO of Career Edge, talked about paid internships as a positive and practical solution to the challenge of “Canadian experience”. Her presentation defined “Canadian experience” as an expectation from employers that is less about hard skills or one’s qualifications and more about “concerns related to the cultural, linguistic differences and the lack of soft skills that are often associated with internationally qualified professionals”. Lamont’s presentation highlights three important issues that need to be addressed before the practice of paid internships is offered as a solution. See full summary

“…we talk about economic inclusion of internationally qualified professionals so often under the diversity umbrella that I almost think we are doing it a disservice. Because, it’s not diversity for diversity’s sake, we are talking about talented individuals”

“I want to send a message, it’s not internationally qualified professionals adapting to the Canadian marketplace, they are the Canadian marketplace. And in the Canadian marketplace, there’s as much obligation on part of the employer, if they’re smart, to create a corporate culture that reflects that.”

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