Newcomer Employment Experiences and Human Resource Professionals: A Research-based Theatre presentation

The Canadian Experience Project team, led by Professor Izumi Sakamoto from the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto, presented findings from an arts-informed research project titled, Re-examining Canadian Experience and Acculturation: The Missing Context of Canada's High Skilled Immigrants. In her work, Professor Sakamoto uses the arts to demonstrate how implicit or tacit knowledge and soft skills become the reason why skilled immigrants are not finding work. How does one get these soft skills? What is the unspoken knowledge or tacit knowledge that make up “Canadian experience”? That constitutes Canadian workplace culture? The research findings were presented in the form of theatre. The play used themes, images and transcript excerpts from several arts-based focus groups conducted with skilled immigrants, employment counselors and human resource professionals. The script remained as true to the words of the research participants as possible, and remained true to the theatrics of what they have experienced.

Cast & Crew

Resume 1 - Tanisha Davis
Resume 2 - Samad Purmusavi
Resume 3 - Zahoorunisa
Narrator, Door - Izumi Sakamoto
HR Professional - Sophia Fantus
Newcomer Professional Advocate - Danielle Smith
Other HR Professional, Door - Heidi Zhang
Door & Research Coordinator - Ruth Wilson
Co-Author, Director & Facilitator - Jessica Bleuer
Co-Author - Matthew Chin
Rehearsal Director - Naomi Tessler
Sound and Projector - Theon Harrichand
Audio Video Support - Design Audio Visual
Videography - Las Perlas del Mar Productions Inc.