Promising Practices in Diverse Hiring Presentation from: Matt Peterson, Director of Diverse Strategies, CIBC

Matt Peterson, Director of Diverse Strategies at CIBC, provided participants with a detailed look into CIBC’s model for hiring and retaining internationally trained professionals. After restating the business case for hiring, retaining and promoting immigrants, Peterson suggested a number of helpful and innovative strategies and tools. The hiring and retention practices highlighted in Peterson’s presentation are those that have brought much needed talent from immigrant communities to CIBC and have contributed to corporate success. See full summary

“But where the banks can truthfully grow, is in two areas: One is on students, so when people come to working age and they’re coming to look for a bank to start investing money, and the other, is new Canadians. So we need employees who understand the experiences of our customers. And it is as simple as that for your business case.”

“Invest in training for both your managers and your employees, make sure you’re building an inclusive environment. If you’re hiring diversity, you’re not just checking boxes, you’re not just hiring a group of people that are different from each other. It’s about what you do with that difference, that’s going to make the difference in your organization.”

Matt Peterson's Biography