Recommendations for Action

The interactive nature of the conference allowed participants to share their experiences, successes and challenges related to the issue of "Canadian experience". Based on summaries of the roundtable discussions, post-conference interviews, and feedback noted on the conference evaluation forms, we collected several recommendations for action from participants. Here are the most common recommendations on how to move forward and create change.

  1. Several participants wanted to move beyond the raising awareness phase and start creating/implementing solutions. They recommended that we host a solution-focused conference that will showcase promising practices and provide useful resources.
  2. Many participants noted that we need to allocate more time and resources into exploring and learning from the model implemented by banks.
  3. Participants wanted to create stronger partnerships between the immigrant services sector and the corporate sector, particularly medium to large businesses. These partnerships will ensure that change is a two-way process and will serve the best interests of both immigrant and corporate communities.
  4. A number of participants noted that specific resources and services need to be developed to help small businesses hire and retain immigrants.
  5. Participants wanted to see better and more centralized services for immigrants that will create more opportunities for internships and networking, encourage immigrants to engage in social media to promote themselves, and help immigrants access and navigate the hidden job market.

Post-Conference Interviews

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